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#150 - Biblical Capitol Punishment

In this episode we discuss the biblical topic of capitol punishment. We look at what the bible say about this as we look in both the Old Testament and the New. 

#149 - AI and the Beast System with Special Guest Jessica Speas

On this episode we have guest Jessica Speas to discuss the coming AI and how it could connect to the Beast system. It's a robust and moving conversation. You can reach...

#148 - Special Guest William Ramsey on Aleister Crowley 9/11 and the New World Order

Special Guest William Ramsey discusses his research on Aleister Crowley and his influence on 9/11 and the coming New World Order. You can find more about him here -->h...

#147 - DMT, Psychedelics and the Beast System with Special Guest John Brisson

Special guest John Brisson joins the guys to discuss the rising push for psychedelics and what it really means for the future and the impact it has on a person.

#146 - Special Guest Jessica Speas on Last Days Timelines

We have guest Jessica Speas on to talk about her bible timeline for end times prophecy. It's a robust conversation that we know you will enjoy.

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