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#132- Talking Christians and Conspiracies On Despite Popular Belief Podcast

We are guests on Despite Popular Belief Podcast this week discussing Christians and conspiracy's

#131 - The Global Economics of Usury with @Darlingdwells

We start off talking about the origins of the Federal Reserve and we go into a whole lot of other things!

#130 - Mud Floods and More with John Brisson

The guys have John Brisson back to discuss the topic of mud floods and a whole lot more. You will want to sit back and fasten your seatbelt for this power packed episo...

WarCast Replay: Angelic and Demonic Encounters

Special replay from our private podcast called the WarCast. The team discuss their personal encounters regarding angels and demons.

#128 - The Great Alien Deception With Joseph Jordan

We are joined once again by President of CE4 Research Joseph Jordan. We are talking about the great alien deception in these last days.

Warcast Replay - Don't Pass on Passover

We share an episode from our private episodes called the "Warcast". Turner and Rach sit down to discuss the Passover. What's it all about? Why is it important to the c...

#125 - The Great Transhumanism Reset with Special Guest Tyler Gadfly

Special guest Tyler Gadfly to discuss his new book "The New Standard" which touches on the connections between transhumanism and the Great Reset.

#124 - Special Guest Jon Schweppe

Jon is the director of policy and gov't affairs at the American Principles Project. He has been working on section 230 for the last few years helping write legislation...

#123 - Special Guest Lindsey (@Darlingsdwell) about Gematria

We have a great discussion with Lindsey about the basic workings of gematria.

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#122 - Jesus in the Talmud Part 1 intro

We look at the passages in the Jewish Talmud that directly address Jesus, His life, moral standing and resurrection.

Theology Series: Why Grace Matters

Please check out the episode notes for a special announcement* This is the first in a series. Turner and Rosey have a candid discussion about the topic of Grace. W...

#120 - Special Guest Narrow Way Man

Narrow Way Man (instagram profile name) sits down with us to discuss biblical manhood. He is building a following on instagram bringing truth to masculinity and the ch...

#119 - Special Guest Evelyn Rae from Caldron Pool

Have you seen what's going on down in Australia? Probably not because the MSM refuses to show anything. Basically the gov't has instituted tyrannical and draconian man...

#118 - Nephilim Origins and Their Future with Ryan Pitterson

A very special episode for us, and we hope, you as well. We finally get to sit down with Ryan Pitterson, author of "Judgement of the Nephilim" and "The Final Nephilim"...

#117 - Special Guest Samuel Curet from Zero Trafficking

Human trafficking hunting is attacked from many angles and one of the most important is from the cyber side. Samuel Curet helped start Zero Trafficking. They partner w...

#116 - When School Boards Go G@y

The Loudoun County School Board in Va. is facing major criticism for the alleged cover up of a transgendered student who raped 2 different girls in 2 different schools...

#115 - 26 Seconds Documentary Writer/Producer/Director Kelly Galindo

Film maker and documentary executive producer, writer and director Kelly Galindo joins us for a discussion about her film and the journey God took her on as she put th...

#114 - Special Guest Mr. Jeffersonian

We talk about State succession and how that may be a path forward for an obviously split America.

Podcast update

A short update regarding the podcast

#112 - Talkin' Aliens on "Despite Popular Belief Podcast"

We are guests on "Despite Popular Belief Podcast". This episode we discuss the origins and intentions of aliens. It's a timely episode that keys off of current events.

#111 - Special Guest Author James Musker "The New World Religion And The Beliefs of the Elite

James Musker has written one of the most informative works on the topic of the religion of the New World Order. He defines how the stage has been set and what we shoul...

#110 - The Age of Aquarius with Marcia Montenegro

Astrologers have been speaking of the Age of Aquarius for the last 50 years. What does that mean? How does that translate to the competing world view of christianity? ...

#109 - Calvary Temple Cult Survivor Testimony

What do you do when the church you have trusted in slowly becomes a place that's unhealthy and even labeled by outsiders as a cult? This is the story of a survivor of ...

#108 - Events, Operations, Agendas - Oh My!

We examine Event 201, Operation Lockstep and Agenda 2030 with an in depth look at the content found within them. We also discuss what this means for us today.

#107 - The Georgia Guidestones Covid Connection

Do the Georgia guidestones and the person who commissioned them give us any insight into the covid conspiracy?

#106 - The Deconstruction of Faith Movement

We look at a group of people who are calling themselves "the deconstruction of faith" movement. What are the things that impact a person to throw away their faith? W...

#105 - Dudes Talking with Special Guest John Brisson

It's a duel stream with this one, the guys bring John back on to continue the discussion of the NAR and the Kingdom. Stay tuned to the end where we talk about Wanda Vi...

#104 - Special Guest Jackie White (NAR testimony)

Jackie worked with a human trafficking non-profit org that became fueled with NAR theology. Red flags started to show shortly after and she ended up having to part way...

#103 - The Rapture Episode

We finally take on the topic of the rapture. Is it found in the bible? Is it possible that the church will be removed from all the unreal destruction that is found sta...

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