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#104 - Special Guest Jackie White (NAR testimony)

Jackie worked with a human trafficking non-profit org that became fueled with NAR theology. Red flags started to show shortly after and she ended up having to part way...

#103 - The Rapture Episode

We finally take on the topic of the rapture. Is it found in the bible? Is it possible that the church will be removed from all the unreal destruction that is found sta...

#102 - Special Guest Ark From Destiny Lab

We have Ark From Destiny Lab with us as we discuss his venture into rap and his unique lyrics. https://www.destinylab.com/

#101 - Special Guest Mandy From Bombards Body Language

This episode kicks off 2021 with a bang! We have Mandy from Bombards Body Language and Current Events https://bombardsbodylanguage.com/2021/01/07/body-language-dc-pr...

#100 - SPECIAL EPISODE - How Did We Get Here?

Special episode number 100! We talk about how we got here and we even answer some of the listeners questions. With a peek behind the show.

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