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#150 - Biblical Capitol Punishment

In this episode we discuss the biblical topic of capitol punishment. We look at what the bible say about this as we look in both the Old Testament and the New. 

#149 - AI and the Beast System with Special Guest Jessica Speas

On this episode we have guest Jessica Speas to discuss the coming AI and how it could connect to the Beast system. It's a robust and moving conversation. You can reach...

#148 - Special Guest William Ramsey on Aleister Crowley 9/11 and the New World Order

Special Guest William Ramsey discusses his research on Aleister Crowley and his influence on 9/11 and the coming New World Order. You can find more about him here -->h...

#147 - DMT, Psychedelics and the Beast System with Special Guest John Brisson

Special guest John Brisson joins the guys to discuss the rising push for psychedelics and what it really means for the future and the impact it has on a person.

#146 - Special Guest Jessica Speas on Last Days Timelines

We have guest Jessica Speas on to talk about her bible timeline for end times prophecy. It's a robust conversation that we know you will enjoy.

#145 - Meme Theology and the Church of the Influencer

The guys discuss the troubling increase of "meme theology" and the rise of the "church of the influencer". They take a look at some of the trends that have been pushin...

#144 - The Pagan Origins of Christmas? With Special Guest John Brisson

Does Christmas truly have pagan origins? Is it something Christians should STOP practicing? We take a look at this and reveal the real truth behind the myths we've bee...

#143 - Media, Writing and Spells

The guys sit down and open up the topic of media, writing and spells. Do these things have power over individuals? Is there an answer to them? Listen to find out.

#142 - Rosey Reads: Paranormal Primates

*This is not a normal episode* In this episode Rosey does a "blind read" from a book he found that is literally insane. What's even more crazy is that Turner has no ...

#141 - All About Dreams

Turner & Rosey sit down and unpack the topic of dreams. Why do we have them? Where do they come from? How do we interpret them? Plus a whole lot more on this 2 hr epis...

#140 - Third Temple Talk

We look at some interesting events surrounding the building of the 3rd Temple.

#139 - Gnostic Origins of Calvinism

We look at the gnostic influences in the origins of Calvinist theology.

#138 - Is Dan the Antichrist?

On this episode we take a meandering walk that starts with the 144,000 (from Rev 7) then goes to the noticeable absence of the mention of the tribe of Dan. We then loo...

#137 - Torahism with Special Guest R. L. Solberg

Are Christians required to keep the law of Moses? We will dive into this topic and all that surrounds it on this great episode.

Doctrines of Demons: The Urantia Book

We look at the Urantia book written in the 1950's

Doctrines of Demons: The Law of Attraction

We continue in our Doctrine of Demons series as we unpack the New Age Law of Attraction. What are it's origins and how is it making its way into the church today.

Doctrines of Demons Series: The Jesus Letters

In this episode we start a new series called doctrines of demons. We unpack a lesser known New Age cult that formed around the idea that Jesus sent new letters to the ...

#133 - Dead Sea Scrolls The Church Fathers And So Much More With Special Guest Ken Johnson

We have Ken Johnson as a guest to discuss the importance of the Dead Sea Scrolls and a whole batch of other topics.

#132- Talking Christians and Conspiracies On Despite Popular Belief Podcast

We are guests on Despite Popular Belief Podcast this week discussing Christians and conspiracy's

#131 - The Global Economics of Usury with @Darlingdwells

We start off talking about the origins of the Federal Reserve and we go into a whole lot of other things!

#130 - Mud Floods and More with John Brisson

The guys have John Brisson back to discuss the topic of mud floods and a whole lot more. You will want to sit back and fasten your seatbelt for this power packed episo...

WarCast Replay: Angelic and Demonic Encounters

Special replay from our private podcast called the WarCast. The team discuss their personal encounters regarding angels and demons.

#128 - The Great Alien Deception With Joseph Jordan

We are joined once again by President of CE4 Research Joseph Jordan. We are talking about the great alien deception in these last days.

Warcast Replay - Don't Pass on Passover

We share an episode from our private episodes called the "Warcast". Turner and Rach sit down to discuss the Passover. What's it all about? Why is it important to the c...

#125 - The Great Transhumanism Reset with Special Guest Tyler Gadfly

Special guest Tyler Gadfly to discuss his new book "The New Standard" which touches on the connections between transhumanism and the Great Reset.

#124 - Special Guest Jon Schweppe

Jon is the director of policy and gov't affairs at the American Principles Project. He has been working on section 230 for the last few years helping write legislation...

#123 - Special Guest Lindsey (@Darlingsdwell) about Gematria

We have a great discussion with Lindsey about the basic workings of gematria.

Spotify Trailer

We focus on theology, culture and politics. If you are looking for a podcast that will unpack topics like the origin of demons, the Christian response to the enneagram...

#122 - Jesus in the Talmud Part 1 intro

We look at the passages in the Jewish Talmud that directly address Jesus, His life, moral standing and resurrection.

Theology Series: Why Grace Matters

Please check out the episode notes for a special announcement* This is the first in a series. Turner and Rosey have a candid discussion about the topic of Grace. W...

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