Theology Series: Why Grace Matters

Please check out the episode notes for a special announcement* This is the first in a series. Turner and Rosey have a candid discussion about the topic of Grace. What's it mean, how it work and why we so desperately need it.

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: We have a special offer for 50 of our listeners. We want to offer a private non-public published podcast feed just for you. These extra podcast episodes are being called the "Warcast private recordings". They will be stand alone episodes that only these 50 people will have access to. The episodes will be topics that we may not be able to post to our regular feed due to censorship or the topic content. We will have extended interviews with our guests and maybe even some of our personal testimonies. We are planning on doing a minimum of 20 of these private episodes. We will be selling these spots for $40 a piece. Thats just $1 per extra episode. What a bargain. In the nearly 4 years we've done the podcast we have never asked for money or sold anything (If I'm honest this is a little awkward for us) to run the podcast, it's always been on our dime and self financed. What we are trying to do with these private podcasts is help pay for overhead costs and improvements to our gear. For instance we would love to add a dynamic website so we can add to our web presence add add features such as blogging, video and create a greater connection with our community.

HOW TO GET IN ON THIS: If you want to do this then you will need to provide an email address to The first 50 people to email will reserve your spot. Once we receive the $40 payment you will secure your spot on the private list. Any reservation that does not complete the payment will forfeit their spot and we will offer to the next in line. 

HOW TO PAY: You can use Venmo - Turner-Miles-1 (Put Warcast in the subject line). 

Theology Series: Why Grace Matters
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