WarCast Replay: Angelic and Demonic Encounters

Special replay from our private podcast called the WarCast. The team discuss their personal encounters regarding angels and demons.

From time to time we want to share what type of stuff you can get if you joined the private podcast. Here is an episode we recorded back in March. 

Have you ever had a spiritual encounter that was undeniable? We have and the team discuss personal stories from their own experiences. 

Private podcast is limited. If you want to join the cost is $40 and it will get you an additional 20 episodes at a minimum. You can join by emailing alloutwarpodcast@protonmail.com for payment we are using:
 Venmo @Turner-Miles-1 
Paypal @turnermiles

When you join the proceeds go to underwrite the cost of the show and to purchase better equipment. 

Oh and to buy Rosey some pants. 
WarCast Replay: Angelic and Demonic Encounters
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