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#86 - The Future of Big Tech Censorship with Special Guest Jon Schweppe

Jon is the director of policy at American Principles Project. He is helping craft legislation to curb censorship from big tech.

#85 - Far Right Wing Extremism with Special Guest Jack Buckby

We talk to author of "Monster of Their Own Making" Jack Buckby. We discuss far right wing extremism and it's rapid rise in popularity and why it is happening.

#84 - Special Guest Jim Duke

We are honored to have Jim Duke of "Jim Duke Perspective" with us to discuss the advancement of the new world order and the corona virus connection.

#83 - Secret Government Operations (Part 2)

We take a second look at some of the lesser known gov't secret operations. We cover everything from sunken submarines to gold found in deer antlers. Sit back, grab a coffee and enjoy!

#82 - Secret Government Operations

On this episode we take a look at some of the lesser known government operations by the CIA and NSA.

#81 - Special Guest - Creator of Carnivore Mike Foxtrot

On this episode our special guest is the creator of Carnivore Mike Fox Trot and Deadly Hands Blood Money. Mike goes into his personal story of his service from police work to special operator and how he is dealing with PTSD.

Should Christians Celebrate Jewish Feasts?

We look at the meaning of the Jewish feasts and how they may or may not relate to the Christian faith.

#79 - The Porn Epidemic

We look at the history and use of porn in our culture, while we unpack the effects it has on our society and the personal lives of millions.

SPECIAL EPISODE - Covid-19 Hysteria and Isaiah 8 Bible Study

This is a rebroadcast of a bible study from youtube live that was recorded on 2/26/20

#77 - Should Christians "Trust the Plan"? with Special Guest John Brisson

The guys sit down with our good friend John Brisson of "We've Read The Documents" and discuss the #QAnon movement in the current age. What's the history of the movement? Is there any truth to it? Should a Christian "trust the plan"?

#76 - The Truth About Coronavirus with Dr. Lu Wing

We have a discussion about COVID-19, also known as Coronavirus, with Dr. Lu Wing, a specialist in bloodborne diseases. He tells us how it spreads, functions, and the real threat it poses.

#75 - Enneagram Part 2 with Special Guest Marcia Montenegro

Special guest Marcia Montenegro is back to discuss her new book "Richard Rohr and the Enneagram Secret". Available March 27th.

#74 - Christians and Hardships

Have you ever wondered how and why we experience suffering? On this episode we unpack the topic of enduring hardship.

#73 - The Truth Behind Yoga with Special Guest Jessica Smith

Special Guest Jessica Smith talks about the true dangers of yoga and how these spiritual practices may seem harmless but after a deeper look are extremely dangerous.

#72 - We're Guests on "We've Read The Documents", Again!

We are guests on "We've Read The Documents" with host John Brisson

#71 - Exposé on Kyle Odom

We look into the manifesto of Kyle Odom. This fascinating story sheds light on the not so subtle dark side of alien encounters.


Did you know that we took every "Did you know?" of 2019 and made a single long-play episode just for you?

#69 - Alien Abductions with Special Guest Joseph Jordan

Joseph Jordan is the director of CE4 Research Group, an alien abduction research ministry. In over 25 years of research he has conducted hundreds of abduction experiences and is one of the leading Christian voices in the field of research.

#68 - Exposé on Jack Parsons

We look into the life and times of Jack Parsons. His occult lifestyle, adultery and even a special friendship with L. Ron Hubbard.

#67 - Special Guest Dr. Mike Heiser

We have Dr. Mike Heiser on this episode to discuss everything from the divine council to Hillary Clinton being a reptilian shape shifter!

#66 - Special Guest "Z33K" - Flat Earth and More

In this episode we have a special guest we call "Z33K". We discuss the flat earth and many more related topics.

#65 - We're Guests on "We've Read The Documents"

We've got an extra-long episode for y'all this week (to make up for the lack of last week's show). We're humbled to be guests on our friend John Brisson's livestream. We share our testimonies for the first time and talk about a wide range of topics concerning Christianity, the state of the church, and the impact of dominionism on politics in America.

#64 - Yoga and the New Age

This episode is a survey of the practice of yoga and its connections with the New Age movement.

#63 - An Overview of the New Age

In this episode, we break down the origins of the New Age and give a refutation from Christianity.

#62 - The Enneagram Episode With Special Guest Marcia Montenegro

In this episode, we tackle one of the golden calves of modern evangelicalism: the enneagram. Our guest Marcia Montenegro came out of the New Age Movement and has brought her years of experience and knowledge to educating about the creeping deception that has entered into the church.

#61 - Why Won't God Answer My Prayer?

In this episode, we discuss the reasons that God may not be answering your prayers, along with other issues related to prayer.

#60 - "Was the Satanic Panic justified?" with Special Guest John Brisson

We're blessed to have independent journalist and researcher John Brisson on the show to talk about the "Satanic Panic" of the 80s. Was it justified? Is there any truth to the claims that were made?

#59 - Is My Singleness A Curse?

We look at the topic of singleness in the Christians life. We address questions like, "is my singleness a curse?" "Is it a blessing?" "What do I do as I wait for God to bring me my spouse?"

#58 - Special Guest Samantha Sullivan

On this episode, we are blessed to have Samantha Sullivan, writer at TheBlaze, on the show. We talk "Twitter politics", the conservative movement, displaced lefties, the Joker movie, El Paso, and more.

#57 - Special Guest Jon Schweppe

This week we have special guest Jon Schweppe from the American Principles Project in the studio. We discuss everything from social media censorship bills, Trump, the future of conservatism, and a few other topics!

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